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Gene Anthony Santiago-Holt






2019 - 2022    MFA in Art, Department of Art & Design, University of Delaware, Newark, DE   

2012-2015    BFA in Fine Arts, emphasis in Sculpture and Extended Media, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA


Teaching Experience

September 2022 - Present     Instructor, Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey

  • BFA Program, Art and Design Department 

July 2022- Present     Instructor, Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

  • 2022- Present  Youth And Family Programs, Museum Education  

Jan 2019 - Present    Lecturer, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA 

  • 2022 - Present  BFA Program, Foundations Department

  • 2022- Present SAER Program, Continuing Education

  • 2021- Present  SADI Program, Continuing Education

  • 2019 - Present YAW Program, Continuing Education

June 2019 – Dec 2021 Graduate Teacher of Record,University of Delaware, Newark,DE  

  •  BFA Program, Department of Art & Design, 

2014- 2015  Assistant Teacher, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (High School program)


Honors and Awards

2021        CMCS Graduate Research Travel Fund, University of Delaware

2021        Minori & Colin Thorpe MFA Exhibition Award, University of Delaware

2019         Full Tuition Scholarship Award, University of Delaware   

2019        Graduate Scholar Award, University of Delaware 

2015        Maguire Scholarship, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

2012         Academy Merit Award, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

2012        Philadelphia Connections Scholarship, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

2012        Gray Trust Scholarship, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

2012        Former Trustee Scholarship, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


Two-Person Exhibition(s)

2021    Dramatis Personae @ Grizzly Grizzly (with Maisie O’Brien)    Philadelphia, PA


Group Exhibitions

2022 Analog Sacrifice (Sound Performance) @ The Grove, New York, NY

2022    Abington Art Center’s Summer Juried Show 2022 @ Abington Art Center Jenkentown, PA

Curator: Meg Wolensky, Continuing Education Program Manager, Moore College of Art

2022    Vox Populi's 17th Annual Juried Exhibition: Wild/Mild @ Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2022    MOYOGASH & Cemetery B w guests @ Clearbrook Center of The Arts , Lake Ridge, VA

2022    Carry On @ WIR WIR, Berlin, Germany

2022    MakeSPACE 2022: an inclusionary exhibition @ University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA   

2021    Elsewhere/Where else @ James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2021    Digital Abandonment @ Hot Bed Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2021    Kino Lino TV Presents: Episode 1 and 2 @ Hot Bed Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2021    Family History @ The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE

Curator: Chase Dougherty, Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary, The Delaware Contemporary 

2021    Virtual Bedtime @ Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia, PA

2021    Elsewhere @ The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE

2021    215|610 CONTEMPORARY Juried Exhibition @ Delaware County Community College, Media, PA   Juror: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA

2021    Kitsch Magik Hexfest @ Kitsch Magik, Philadelphia, PA

2020    JOKERJOKERtv Episode 022 @ Joker Joker Gallery, Athens, GA

2020    East Meets West @ PiranesiLAB, Moscow, Russia

        Curator: Aaron Terry, University of Delaware

2019    Last Blood @ Taylor Hall Gallery, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

2019    Delaweird Presents Final Friday @ Newark Bike Project, Newark, DE

2019    Too Weak Noise Feast III @ The Miracle Club, Philadelphia, PA

2019    INSIDER ART @ PAFA, Philadelphia, PA

2019    March Towards The Noise @ Echo Base,                 Philadelphia, PA

2018        Chaos & Order: a night of NOIZE // part 1 @ Century    Philadelphia, PA

2018        The Fear That Gives @ Giovinetti Studios            Philadelphia, PA

2018        Sound Performance @ American University             Washington, DC

2018        Sound Performance @     Evolving Art Machine        Fredericksburg, VA

2018        Sound Performance @ Black Forge Coffee House        Pittsburgh, PA

2018        Sound Performance @ Dirty Dungarees Laundromat     Columbus, OH

2018        Sound Performance @ THE TUDOR LOUNGE        Buffalo, NY   

2018        Too Weak Noise Feast II @ The Miracle Club        Philadelphia, PA

2018        Eastcoast Noisefest 2018 @ Century                Philadelphia, PA

2018        DC Experimental Show @ The Electric Maid        Washington, DC 

2018        Sound/ Video Performance @ Ratoncito            Baltimore, MD

2017        Kitsch Magik Presents : HEXNIGHT II @ Century     Philadelphia, PA

2017        NIL Presents: An Evening of Experimental Music No. 4    Pittsburgh, PA

2017        Oktober Hexfest 2017@ Century                Philadelphia, PA

2017        Performance @ The Glitter Box Theater            Pittsburgh , PA 

2017        Eastcoast Noisefest 2017                    Philadelphia, PA   

2017        Kitsch Magik Presents: HEXNIGHT @ P H Â R M Â C Y    Philadelphia, PA

2017        Kitsch Magik Presents @ W/N W/N                Philadelphia, PA

2016        Devils Night: Video Installation                Mobile, AL         

2015        FPAFA presents: FAME                                           Philadelphia, PA

2015        Annual Student Exhibition @ PAFA                          Philadelphia, PA

2014        Little Berlin: Floorplan                                            Philadelphia, PA



Curated Exhibitions

2022 Objetos Sagrados/ Sacred Objects: Olaitan Callender-Scott & Carolina Marín Hernández @ Grizzly Grizzly Philadelphia, PA

2022  Hot August Nights: Video Art Open Call ft: Jordan Deal, Elicia Epstein, Dafna Steinberg, Alley Faint Wurds, Suji Kanneganti, Parker Phelps, Louis Watts, Srotoswini Sinha, Dungeon Master, Ophelia, Sarah Trad  @ Grizzly Grizzly  Philadelphia, PA   

2022    Funny - Not Funny: Halle Ballard, Katie Delaney @ Grizzly Grizzly  Philadelphia, PA

2022    Illuminations: London Tsai and Wen-Ying Tsai @ Grizzly Grizzly  Philadelphia, PA  

2022  Total Information Awareness: Hasan Elahi, Mike Osborne, Jeff Thompson @ Grizzly Grizzly  Philadelphia, PA  

2022 A Polar Bear Drowns in Evaporated Seas: Jonathan Latiano @ Grizzly Grizzly Philadelphia, PA  

2022    Hand and Foot:Joseph Lazaro Rodriguez @Grizzly Grizzly Philadelphia, PA



2021        319 AIR Residency @ Grizzly Grizzly            Philadelphia, PA


Lectures & Judging 

2022  “Noise, Performance, and Puerto Rican (Taino) Futurism” - 2022 HAA Graduate Symposium Pittsburgh, PA

Keynote Speaker: Barbara London, curator and founder of video exhibition and collection programs at the Museum of Modern Art

2021 Site Specific Sculpture Judging Panel @ Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts   Philadelphia, PA

2021 Graduate Student Seminar Series: Noise, Performance, and the Digital @ University of Delaware 

2021    Artist Talk: Kitsch, Noise, and Magik @ Venture Cafe          Philadelphia,PA



2022 - Present     Grizzly Grizzly 

2015 - Present     Kitsch Magik Collective 

2019 - 2020           PAFA Alumni Council 

2015-2016    Fellowship of the Academy of the Fine Arts

2014-2014            Philadelphia Sculpture Gym

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